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Come on  in! While Iím busy writing my  newest book, you can browse  through  my Web  pages and learn more about me. Youíll also see  some of the books Iíve written, and  find out how  to arrange for a visit.to your school ,library or book  fair.       I love being a writer because Iím fascinated by different cultures and historic events. Itís wonderful to have a job where I can learn about  whatever catches my fancy, then jump into a long-ago time and bring it to life through my characters.       When you read my books, youíll be able to imagine  yourself in new worlds, too. You can travel back to  1654 and stow away on a ship bound for Amsterdam,  or join the Dutch colonists of New Amsterdam.You  can move in with the famous painter Rembrandt.  If you want, you can dance at a powwow in  Massachusetts, or walk through an old Ukrainian  village with clever Herschel.        There are so many places you can go, and all  you have to do is turn the page!

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